Now in summer wear, we ask you to join us for a picnic: Déjeuner sur l’herbe/Luncheon on the grass offers you a bucolic immersion. Nicolai Howalt provides an essential: the sun in Light Break. The walk starts with a game of Courte Paille (Drawing straws) initiated by Elise Peroi, continues with a harvest of Tessons (Shards) of 17th century flowers brought to life by Farida Le Suavé and the perspective of an Amour-en-cage (Caged love) by Didier Boussarie brings a joyous surprise. In Garlic Loveland – territory with suggestive shapes – Fee Kleiss delights us with coffee beans, artichokes, and garlic shoots whereas Marlon Wobst’s Englisher Garten (English garden) offers us a felt grass for happy bodies. After a nap it’s time for a swim, Jeremy Stigter’s Sauterelle (Grasshopper) stridulates. La Promenade by Peter Martensen takes us towards an inter-generational blue meditation… and when the blue gets darker, a yellow glimmer shines from Yoo Hye-Sook’s gable, before Lee Jin Woo’s dense and charcoal black swallows up the day.

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