Born in 1982 in South Korea.
Lives and works in Paris.

Worlds within worlds within worlds… Yoon Ji-Eun seeks to depict the many strata that constitute reality. Her artworks are superimpositions of scenes of everyday life – a metro platform, a woman hanging laundry to dry, children playing – and phantasmagoric landscapes that render the thoughts, memories or dreams of her characters. Yoon Ji-Eun draws, paints, carves and sculpts, paper or wood, in order to bring life to time, place and action simultaneities. It’s about visually transposing the density of an enlarged reality, a complex temporality where space, mind, body, matter, past and present are constantly interacting. In Yoon Ji-Eun’s poetic universe, the mirage is as much reality as it is tangible materiality.


Voyager vers l’inaccompli


16.09. – 31.10. 2021

Suddenly, a blinding light. Shapes appear, move and waltz, lifted by an invisible breeze. It’s all about suppleness, angles, textures and colors. By looking closely, fragments reveal themselves: they are hair, trees, legs, architectures, blades of grass…. YOON Ji Eun’s latest works tell the story of a world admittedly cracked and floating, but a world that is also stratified, organic and cyclic. In a movement from inwards to outwards, the artist seizes images of division, separation, reshaping or even dispersion.



16.03. – 27.04.2013

Here one turns, as in a number of traditional dances, hand in hand in a circle in a never-ending movement… An impression of floating reigns, – of a halt of all those activities which have been accomplished and which have to be repeated time and time again: mountains of clothing to be augmented or reduced, clothes lines hanging to be filled or lightened and traced paths to follow…