Born in 1980 in Wiesbaden, Germany.
Lives and works in Berlin.

Omnipresence of the human figure and “comings and goings” between matter and presence; in this world, as much as a few strokes suffice to give life to a being or even an inanimate object, their absorption or dissolution in the space of the matter often seems imminent. The young German artist offers a sophisticated game of appearance and disappearance, which illustrates the capacity of matter to hold its own narration or even suggest a fluctuating frontier between reality, dream and imagination. Poetry meets humour, as in Getting undressed as much as possible via jumping up and down (Soviel wie möglich ausziehen durch auf- und abhüpfen). All of this is carried by a most refined palette that ranges from a deaf obscurity to pastel tones.



Marlon Wobst

03.11.2023 – 13.01.2024

They are running, skipping, falling, they are looking at each other, playing with each other, they are making love or doing nothing at all—but they are always together. The concept of tribe —the group, the collective— is at the core of Marlon Wobst’s most recent work. Marlon Wobst is sensitive to the present and his own time: he represents what he lives and what he sees. His aim is first one of a detective/researcher/ His agenda is that of a researcher, investigating human beings, for human beings.


Marlon Wobst

27.01. – 12.03.2022

Variations of pinks of a silhouette that moves forward in a nocturnal background: Sunsetter… An enigmatic title that is rich in meaning – impossible to translate – and quite emblematic of Marlon Wobst’s new works. If lucid observations of easy living existences were predominant in his work until now, a certain gravity seems to have taken over Marlon Wobst’s world.


Marlon Wobst

13.09. – 09.11.2019

RELAX. Unwind… Whatever happens happens. Why worry ? Nothing will change anyway. Why bother ? Dance, dive, you only live once. And you know, giving yourself a treat won’t hurt. With RELAX, Marlon Wobst asserts his ability to work as a fiercely efficient and sophisticated master puppeteer.


Marlon Wobst

08.09. – 31.10.2017

Masses of bodies, flesh, compressions, accumulations, contemplative and contemplated bodies – L’Oasi brings the modern tribe together in the gourmand, knowing and voyeuristic eye of Marlon Wobst: Games, pantie intimacy, hedonism, movements, mundane and absurd poses – you name it – everything goes, everything is shown… The title of the exhibition – L’Oasi – the eponymous name of an Italian beach where the artist often went when he was younger becomes a metaphor for existence.


Marlon Wobst

06.11.2015 – 09.01.2016

For his first solo exhibition in France, the painter Marlon Wobst chose the suitable title Starter, after an eponymous work showing a runner on the verge of starting. There, the everyday activities and elements represented slip towards a dreamlike universe – a world where the substance is that of painting.

Publications and texts

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MEET | Marlon Wobst

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