For his first solo exhibition in France, the painter Marlon Wobst chose the suitable title Starter, after an eponymous work showing a runner on the verge of starting. The viewing angle recalls television cameras documenting a race: its oblique position behind the runner enables to fully capture the tension and concentration of the moment. All around is a mist of shades of grey. The attention is entirely directed towards the runner.

Translating isolated situations, details that gripped him are characteristics of Marlon Wobst’s universe. Figures are often in full action but the entire scene is detached from a precise context: the space is that of a matter where glimmers of superimposed colours vibrate. There, the everyday activities and elements represented slip towards a dreamlike universe – a world where the substance is that of painting. But make no mistake; if painting as a statement and possibility admittedly has a privileged place in Marlon Wobst’s work, this doesn’t necessarily mean that he bids farewell to the real world: often very raw forays of daily events or of the intimate run alongside the poetic and a good dose of humor.

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