RELAX. Unwind… Whatever happens happens. Why worry ? Nothing will change anyway. Why bother ? Dance, dive, you only live once. And you know, giving yourself a treat won’t hurt.
On planet Earth, the show goes on, waters are rising as well as temperatures. In international organizations, one talks and talks as democracies are slowly slip-sliding, religious wars spreading and spas filling up… In Marlon Wobst’s newest works, united under the rather ambiguous title RELAX, the artist focuses on the microcosmos of the individual against the backdrop of the vast world’s reality. The artist depicts a hedonistic and lascivious world. He shows us an intimacy, of our body in communication with the Other and its relationship to the environment, to the elements. Bodies are looking for contact, the tactile; they explore in groups or alone; they move, sip, observe, look at each other…exist.

With RELAX, Marlon Wobst asserts his ability to work as a fiercely efficient and sophisticated master puppeteer. He plays his game of appearing and disappearing, birth and transformation on a stage of quasi-abstract matter, where scenes and skits review contemporary humanity. If lightness, humor and tenderness are very much present, you mustn’t be fooled. The puppeteer has a tight grip.

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