Masses of bodies, flesh, compressions, accumulations, contemplative and contemplated bodies – L’Oasi brings the modern tribe together in the gourmand, knowing and voyeuristic eye of Marlon Wobst: Games, pantie intimacy, hedonism, movements, mundane and absurd poses – you name it – everything goes, everything is shown… The title of the exhibition – L’Oasi – the eponymous name of an Italian beach where the artist often went when he was younger becomes a metaphor for existence. Ondaaaaa (wave) cry out the bathers when a huge wave arrives and that’s it – they jump and dive! The bodies are displayed with a mix of narcissistic staging, imperfections and vulnerability – thus going against the spectacular imagery of our aestheticized culture with striking finesse. A stated carnivore, Marlon Wobst feeds on the human life that surrounds him. Very often, it is a detail that sets off an artwork – which first aim is to call out, trigger curiosity, question and subsequently, to take the spectator to another level where composition, colour and even the work’s matter offer their particular narration. For if Marlon Wobst is indeed an observer and a stage director, he’s equally an eager manipulator of matter.


Sincere and involved but also a mischievous poet, the artist takes us from heartbreaking, hilarious and goofy situations to an affected smile by bestowing his work with a good dose of humor, and at times a magical or mythological dimension, that questions the true nature of the situation presented.  

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