Born in France in 1969.
Lives and works in Flers, Normandie, France.

Farida Le Suavé’s sculptures breathe. Inevitably, their very skin colour and softness of touch provoke associations with the body, with things organic and sometimes bring to mind a receptacle – the body as a vessel with orifices appearing here and there. Strata of ‘flesh’, of clay, rise up like an amorphous embryo would, multiplying from almost-nothing. The shapes thus created are generous, toned, wrinkled – carried by a breath, even out of breath, barely standing… These artworks present flesh as a territory, as something quite apart, an identity that is independent, autonomous. The work is all too human as it incarnates contradictions, from caress to destruction, from flesh as a playground, a place of comfort, to flesh abandoned, reduced to nothing more than a cry of despair. Looking for other flesh (Enlacé, 2019 – Embraced/Intertwined, 2019) or a vehicle that activates impenetrable links between micro- and macro-cosmos (Coup de foudre, 2019 – Love at first sight/Flash of lighting, 2019), in Farida Le Suavé’s works the flesh also strongly expresses the indeed very complex register of desire, as in Deux pots (Two pots) (2005) a paraphrase of Bernini’s Daphne and Apollo.

Some artworks


Chère chair
(Dear Flesh – Fabulous Flesh) 

Farida le Suavé
Jeremy Stigter

23.05 – 20.07.2019

Flesh. A connection between the body’s different parts, a connection between human beings. We are, indeed, all made of flesh: tender flesh, soft flesh, toned. Masses of flesh, young, fresh flesh, old, flaccid flesh, at every stage, flesh lives, vibrates, full of palpitations… Flesh exists beyond the beat of the heart. A source of passion, obsession, fascination, terror – its quantity, its shape and other characteristics, flesh is with us, always, in all its various manifestations. As our primary topography, it awakens us and it’s intense presence never ceases to ‘tickle’ our curiosity, our senses, and in our wanderings connects, allowing for a sense of communion as well as transcendence. Sometimes flesh is only pain, disgust, loathing. Chère chair (Dear Flesh – Fabulous Flesh) sets out examine, to scrutinize this matter that makes us who we are.

Undone sketches

Peter Martensen

17. 06. – 23. 07. 2016

Intentions, idées, notes, projets, plans, journaux intimes, mémoires, registres, archives ou simples feuillets… Notre vie, nos pensées, nos rêves prennent souvent – et parfois seulement – la forme de traces écrites… Tiroirs et autres rangements en sont emplis. Ajoutons à cela les tentatives, les projets avortés, les impossibilités… La confrontation avec une réalité qui ne veut pas émerger ou qui se heurte à ce temps dont on manque toujours. Pour ne pas mentionner les documents aux informations si sensibles qu’elles vivent intensément mais dans l’ombre… jusqu’au jour où…

Off site

Musée national Adrien Dubouché, Limoges

Formes vivantes

Participation : Farida Le Suavé

09.10.2019 – 10.02.2020

The exhibition explores the representation of the living in ceramics, from Renaissance to today. Several artworks by French sculptor Farida Le Suavé are on display: Organic forms of materialized flesh.


Médiathèque, Flers / Scène nationale, Alençon

Personal exhibition

Farida Le Suavé

01.02 – 29.02.2020


Les fleurs de chair de Farida Le Suavé (in french)

La revue de la céramique et du verre

Juillet - Août 2019
N° 227 (p.66)
Anne Malherbe

Les gestes de la céramique (in french)

Art Press 2

November/December 2013 - January 2014
N° 31
Ann Hindry

Publications and texts

Céramique – 90 artistes contemporains

Pyramyd editions – 2019

Authors : Véronique Petit Laforet et Charlotte Vannier

Formes vivantes – Exhibition catalog

Co-edition Cité de la céramique Sèvres & Limoges and Silvana Editioriale – 2019

Farida Le Suavé – Atelier

video – April 2020