Born in 1953 in Odense, Denmark.
Lives and works in Copenhagen and Northern Sealand.

Some live in it, others barely spend enough time in it. A vessel for emotions, the room is a pivot for physical and psychic intimacy. A setting for dreams or nightmares, torments or desires, a space for retiring and isolation, for rest, voluptuousness or a place to escape; the room, the bed, embody the back and forths that we go through on a regular basis, between states of consciousness and unconsciousness, between the familiar and the unknown in ourselves. It is the setting for escapes to an essential part of our being, paradoxically the one we understand the less… Either minimalistic or a luxury case with ornaments carefully selected to accompany the voyages of intimacy; the room is rarely insignificant. Certain atmospheres seem suitable for the desired journey; others could become obstacles.

Some artworks


Call from inside

Peter Martensen

14.09. – 03.11.2018

Determined actions, apathy and immobility cohabitate in Peter Martensen’s latest works. Parallel scenarios play out simultaneously – an atmosphere both strange and familiar hovers … From there emanates a feeling of mystery, abdication, even chaos where images of timeless tranquility slip in. Call from inside, the title of his new show raises questions. Is it an allusion to our deeper self ? Could it be a reference to primary layers, recalling certain fundamentals of human existence? Or maybe an incentive to wake up ?

Undone sketches

Peter Martensen

17.06. – 23.07.2016

Intentions, ideas, notes, projects, plans, diaries, memoirs, registers, archives or simple sheets of paper… Our life, our thoughts, our dreams often exist in writing – and sometimes only exist as written traces… Drawers and other containers are filled with them. To this we can add the attempts, the aborted projects, the impossibilities… The confrontation with a reality that does not want to emerge or that collides with the eternal lack of time. Not to mention documents with such sensitive material that they live in the shadows… until the day when …

Off site

MAMC, Saint-Etienne Métropole


Peter Martensen

09. 03 – 27. 08. 2017

Sans cesse en quête d’une vérité artistique et existentielle, Peter Martensen trace, à travers sa peinture, son propre chemin, indépendamment des modes parfois aléatoires du monde de l’art. Nombreux sont les musées danois qui lui ont offert leurs cimaises et depuis, il a été présenté en Suède, en Italie, en Corée comme à New York ou Paris. Ravage est sa première exposition monographique dans un musée français [extrait du communiqué de presse].

Maison du Danemark, Paris


Peter Martensen

06. 09 – 29. 10. 2017

Première exposition de l’artiste sur la scène institutionnelle parisienne, Ravage rassemble peintures, dessins, sculpture et vidéos témoignant de la cohérence de la démarche de l’artiste. Loin d’une rétrospective de l’œuvre de Peter Martensen, cette exposition intervient dans une période de création particulièrement riche et innovante dans sa carrière dont elle se veut l’écho [extrait du communiqué de presse].


Peter Martensen - Et la société engloba l'individu


November 2013
Bastien Stisi

La peinture métaphysique de Peter Martensen


September 2017 - N° 704
Fabien Simode

Peter Martensen "ravage " l'entendement

Libre Belgique - Arts Libre

From August 23rd to August 29th 2017
Roger-Pierre Turine

Vous avez dit "Complot" ?

Le Monde diplomatique

June 2015 - N°735
Illustrated by Peter Martensen

Peter Martensen, L'âme nordique

Le Figaro

January 1st 2006
Valérie Duponchelle

Peter Martensen au royaume des clones

Le Figaro

August 29th 2006
Valérie Duponchelle

Publications and texts

Peter Martensen – video

MAMC+ Saint-Etienne

Film produced for Peter Martensen’s exhibition “Ravage” (Musée d’art moderne et contemporain de Saint-Etienne Métropole, 2017).

Portraet – video

Peter Martensen & Morten Søndergaard

Peter Martensen painting the danish poet Morten Søndergaard (Peter Martensen’s studio, 2016).