#2 Elves in the area !

What if it was possible ?
Some elves made their way into our storage… We are thrilled to share their finds with you!

Farida Le Suavé has been drawing since forever. Her ‘Rébus’ are works that also serve as a laboratory for ideas, a repertoire of shapes and a playground. Certain drawings inspire the creation of sculptures. Here, poetry and humor express themselves both in a graphic and sensible manner.
Peter Martensen (born in Denmarks in 1953) presents us with a world at a stop a perplexing vision: What are the connections between these people and their radically different actions? What are they waiting for? Maybe nothing. The absence of connection between beings characterizes the situations represented by the artist.
Min Jung-Yeon takes us to levels of consciousness where reality is experienced through a sensorial approach. Sleep brings us to quilted worlds, without any formal points of reference. These worlds confront each other and intertwine.
Elise Peroi works on the breath of the living. Mankind comes together with a nature that the artist scrutinizes in its minute details. The paintings on silk are decomposed then recomposed within delicate weaves that the artist integrates into structures in order to make them ‘breathe’.
With the ‘Pharmacie des mots’ (Word Pharmacy) Morten Søndergaard (born in Denmark in 1964) has created a non-perishable, universal remedy. One really finds everything one’s heart could desire, from adjectives to prepositions. It is available as simple box-kit or as a medicine cabinet.
Linda Swanson draws inspiration from a physical phenomenon called calefaction, to create the work series Califactum: On the monochrome surface of small porcelain abstract reactions of enamel form. Appearances that can be caressed with the eyes and the hand.

As a true rascal with efficient and rapid gestures, Marlon Wobst (born in Germany in 1980) translates his observations of the mundane everyday life in a manner where tenderness and a malicious outlook intertwine. The curtain rises on fun, erotic scenes and suddenly a flower’s intimacy opens up.
Yoon Ji-Eun reveals visions in constant transition. Colors and subject matters mute, circulate, stratifies… As if one could look through flaws in time where antic vestiges evoke a possible temporality.

In pictures

#1 Déjeuner sur l’herbe - Luncheon on the grass

Now in summer wear, we ask you to join us for a picnic: Déjeuner sur l’herbe/Luncheon on the grass offers you a bucolic immersion. Nicolai Howalt provides an essential: the sun in Light Break. The walk starts with a game of Courte Paille (Drawing straws) initiated by Elise Peroi, continues with a harvest of Tessons (Shards) of 17th century flowers brought to life by Farida Le Suavé and the perspective of an Amour-en-cage (Caged love) by Didier Boussarie brings a joyous surprise. In Garlic Loveland – territory with suggestive shapes – Fee Kleiss delights us with coffee beans, artichokes, and garlic shoots whereas Marlon Wobst’s Englisher Garten (English garden) offers us a felt grass for happy bodies. After a nap it’s time for a swim, Jeremy Stigter’s Sauterelle (Grasshopper) stridulates. La Promenade by Peter Martensen takes us towards an inter-generational blue meditation… and when the blue gets darker, a yellow glimmer shines from Yoo Hye-Sook’s gable, before Lee Jin Woo’s dense and charcoal black swallows up the day.

In pictures