Fee Kleiss is fascinated by possible links. She finds objects and waste in order to create a conversation between them; first as an attentive mediator and then as an almighty artistic director, who decides, rejects, modifies, sets and narrates. Mural installations are thus born – small still-lives or more precisely reanimated lives – and paintings with an unsettling perspective, which add or are being added to volumes, objects.

Fee Kleiss tells stories, plays with concepts and implicit words in her findings; all are questioned and diverted. The creativity is immense and brings life to a new vitality in things that were set aside, forgotten, lost. A little something can make a world. Humor, tenderness, eroticism, drama, beauty and rejection intertwine; the artist leads us along like a child who is eager to find a playmate. Observing contemporary society, its obsessions, expressions, its politically correctness… Nothing is left behind!

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Exceptional opening

Sunday opening

Sunday, October 25th12-7pmGalerie Maria Lund

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Elise Peroi La Libre Belgique - Arts Libre

16 septembre 2020Roger-Pierre Turine

Elise Peroi Télérama - Sortir

30 septembre 2020Elodie Cabrera

Dossier de presse Carte blanche à Min Jung-Yeon

Novembre 2019Musée national des arts asiatiques - Guimet

Peter Martensen "ravage " l'entendement Libre Belgique - Arts Libre

23 Août 2017Semaine du 23 au 29 Août 2017Roger-Pierre Turine

Vous avez dit "Complot" ?Dossier Le Monde diplomatique

Juin 2015N°735Dossier illustré par Peter Martensen

Publications and texts

Elise Peroi, boursière au Carrefour des Arts


Elise Peroi, Mal peignée, making of 1


Elise Peroi, Mal peignée, making of 2


Elise Peroi, Mal peignée, making of 3


Elise Peroi, Mal peignée, making of 4


Elise Peroi, Mal peignée, making of 5