A fragment can have two meanings: it can lead to destruction or achievement.
Life often finds itself between destruction and a desire to achieve (…)
In the end, it is a struggle between utopia and void.

Yoon Ji-Eun, July 2021

Suddenly, a blinding light. Shapes appear, move and waltz, lifted by an invisible breeze. It’s all about suppleness, angles, textures and colors. By looking closely, fragments reveal themselves: they are hair, trees, legs, architectures, blades of grass…. YOON Ji Eun’s latest works tell the story of a world admittedly cracked and floating, but a world that is also stratified, organic and cyclic. In a movement from inwards to outwards, the artist seizes images of division, separation, reshaping or even dispersion. She describes how she sometimes lets herself daydream and feels projected into space. A couple of brief instants, airy and miniscule, she is almost weightless and comes close to void and light.

Confronted with a world in transition, a reality that she cannot grasp, YOON Ji-Eun chooses to take some perspective and reacts by means of figures and shapes decomposing and immaterializing. Bi and tri-dimensionalities are not the only ones cohabitating in her drawings on papers and sculpted woods. The artist activates yet another dimension, which is both temporality and musicality. If certain compositions strike in their verticality, others are multi-focal for everything to appear undulating, shapeshifting, moving. Light and void thus create a world of possibilities. The world can transform and rise again. Grace, utopia and nothingness engage closely with each other.

In pictures



Voyager vers l'inaccompli

   Thursday, 16th Sept. 20215:30pm > 8:30pmGalerie Maria Lund


A discussion between Yoon Ji-Eun and the art historian and curator Elora Weill-Engerer.

Saturday, 16th Oct. 20215:30pm > 8:00pmGalerie Maria Lund

Sunday opening

Sunday, 26th Sept. 20212pm > 6pmGalerie Maria Lund

Sunday opening

Sunday, 31th Oct. 20212pm > 6pmGalerie Maria Lund