Born in 1960 in Lyon, France.
Works and lives in Paris, France.

Marielle Paul’s world recalls an imaginary garden filled with shapes, curves and airy musings. With confident gestures, in bright shades of gouache or ink, the artist traces her compositions, which are neither quite abstract nor completely figurative. Whilst nature has been and remains an important source of inspiration, so too are readings, music, travel – life itself. Marielle Paul is intent on capturing the essence of it. The artist is generous in the use of her colour palette, lending her compositions an atmosphere which can be soft or explosive in turn. She playfully leads us on a journey with a vast sensory spectrum: darker notes also invite themselves into the luminous profusions. Starting from the mental herbarium of the painter, her works go beyond the intimate level, establishing a dynamic reading with universal and archetypal accents.



Marielle Paul

24. 03 > 06. 05. 2025

Calepin, the title of Marielle Paul’s first exhibition at the Galerie Maria Lund, refers to calepinage – a layout sketch developed to prepare and catalogue the cutting and laying of stones, a coating, or even the joints to be drawn. The title therefore refers to the structure and integration of different elements, but also to a small personal notebook, the calepin, in which to write anything and everything, higgledy-piggledy and without hierarchy.

Off site

Abstractions mutations

(group show)

Galerie Jean Fournier

21. 01 > 11. 03. 2023

Conceived by the artists Alexis Nivelle and Vincent Herlemont in partnership with the Galerie Jean Fournier, the exhibition Abstraction-Mutations seeks to put forward certain dynamics of contemporary creation that take the history of abstraction into account. A history that condenses genealogies and what may seem as contradictory attitudes.


Michael Woolworth studio

29. 09 >  04. 10. 2022

To celebrate the release of ALLEZ ZOU, a series of 6 original lithographs that came to exist in a collaboration between the graphic designer and typographer Pierre di Sciullo and the painter Marielle Paul, the workshop Atelier Michael Woolworth has brought together new artworks from their respective practices, from drawn poems and typographic experimentations to watercolor and gouache paperworks.

Et pourtant il brillait deux lunes dans le ciel (Yet there were two shining moons in the sky)

Musée de Roanne

30. 06 > 12. 10. 2021

Thirty-five years of work deserved to be brought together for an exceptional solo-exhibition in her native
region. This will be an opportunity for the viewer to follow the unique development of her rhizomatous and radicating lines recently mentioned by Karim Ghaddab following the acquisition of Fleurs (2017) by the FRAC Auvergne. Lines that seem more connected to Nature itself than to hardcore abstraction.

Publications and texts

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