Days go by in a series of routines and ordinary moments: children grow up, seasons come and go, as we live one news story after the other. The world is constantly changing. Absorbed in our own daily routine, we seem to leave the fundamental issues of life in the background, until we eventually have to face them and their questions of meaning, utility, and demands.
Yoon Ji-Eun’s new collection of wooden reliefs and drawings, Unanswered Questions, borrows its title from composer Tristan Murail and acts as a way of materialising the artist’s reaction to existential questioning. In a time of ever-present violence of all kind, the artist wished to offer her works as a source of comfort and relief.

Her introduction to new musical genres opened Yoon Ji-Eun in turn to new perspectives. By immersing herself in a specific sound world while at work, she can capture and translate the feelings awakened by pending phrases or slowly-dying sounds, beyond the human perception… Through these experiences of intense doubt and equally intense presence, lived on the physical state that only music induces, she breathes into her works a renewed poetry and energy. From attempting to foresee and control her existence, she seems to have led way to embracing the movement of life, and to embedding herself in it.
From the start, the term “landscape” comes to mind when referring to Yoon Ji-Eun’s world. In her recent works, her landscape is now found transformed: on her juxtaposed vignettes and figurative fragments, she overlapped other layers.
With Unanswered Questions, Yoon Ji-Eun reaches a new milestone in her search. Intimacy and experience are now expressed in an abstract, more universal language, made of snatches and snippets. The world is
immense and deep, and the cosmos is at hand. A loud and invisible melody roams through her luminous landscapes of nameless remnants, all in a soft and powerful momentum.



Thursday, March 21st - 5pm > 8:30pm

48 rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris


Sunday, March 24th - 2pm > 6pm

48 rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris

Galerie Maria Lund is delighted to invite you to participate in a small gallery tour.

Joining us for this exceptionnal opening :

Galerie Anne Barrault – 51 rue des Archives, 75003 – with the show “On n’y voit rien !”
by Dominique Figarella

Galerie Polaris – 15 rue des Arquebusiers, 75003 with the show ‘”TOTEM” by Speedy Graphito


Thursday, April 25th at 8pm

48 rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris

Yoon Ji-Eun

will be in conversation with

Barbara Soyer

co-founder of the publishing house The Drawer, art critic, author of the book DESSIN DANS L'ART CONTEMPORAIN - éditions PYRAMYD, 2022.


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