As the exhibition Carte blanche à Min Jung-Yeon is coming to an end at the Musée national des arts asiatiques – Guimet, (Paris) the Galerie Maria Lund is showing the young Korean artist’s newest work.

Must one dive into obscurity to know, embrace, and finally be able to (re)capture the light? That is what Min Jung-Yeon seems to suggest with the title of her new show : L’aube après la nuit (Dawn after night).

In her latest works on paper, colour is much more present: subtle yet undeniable lights. The traces of large paintbrush gestures hold an important place – like a liberation, a new breath. One can recognize the impulse of certain calligraphers. Looking closer, one notices that these big movements juxtapose themselves with minuscule touches of ink or pencil. These transform the gesture into an element of landscape – the “base” of a mountain or an underwater wave – when it is not simply an expression of energy. If Min Jung-Yeon has often sought to make contraries meet through her depicted subject matters, she has now let go to express them in the differentiation of the gesture itself. A new strength emanates, an unbounded power that arises like a storm. Or a delicate breeze that carries you…

In pictures



Min Jung Yeon, Dawn after night

Thursday March 12th5pm-8pmGalerie Maria Lund

Book signing

Olivia Sand signs her book Contemporary artists from the Asian and Islamic art worlds (SKIRA Editore, 2018). The publication includes a conversation with Min Jung-Yeon.

Thursday April 2nd - POSTPONED6pm-8.30pmGalerie Maria Lund


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Publications and texts

Min Jung-Yeon - Le matin calme

Min Jung-Yeon, Dawn after night


3 minutes video to discover Min Jung-Yeon’s world and her show ‘Dawn after night – L’aube après la nuit’.

Min Jung-Yeon – Nopsae

Min Jung-Yeon - Col de l'orgueil

Min Jung-Yeon – Col de l’orgueil